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: 30 2017

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Handout pictures released yesterday by the Royal Malaysian Police in Kuala Lumpur show location image or CCTV footage (top row) and passport style photos (bottom row) of North Korean nationals (from left) Ri Ji U San Francisco 49ers Jersey , aged 30; North Korean airline employee Kim Uk Il, 37; and diplomat Hyon Kwang Song, 44. They are wanted for police questioning in connection to the February 13 killing of Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. AFP
THE two women suspected of fatally poisoning the estranged half-brother of the North Korean leader were trained to coat their hands with toxic chemicals and then wipe them on his face, police in Malaysia said yesterday.

They announced they were seeking a North Korean diplomat in connection with the attack. But the North Korean Embassy ridiculed the police account of Kim Jong Nams death at a Kuala Lumpur airport Chukwuma Okorafor Jersey , demanding the immediate release of the two innocent women.

If the toxins had been on their hands then how is it possible that these female suspects could still be alive? said a statement from North Koreas embassy in the Malaysian capital.

Police say the women one of them Indonesian, the other Vietnamese washed their hands soon after poisoning Kim.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar told reporters yesterday that authorities were searching for two new North Korean suspects, the second secretary of North Koreas embassy in Kuala Lumpur and an employee of North Koreas state-owned airline, Air Koryo.

We hope that the Korean Embassy will cooperate with us, allow us to interview them and interview them quickly Terrell Edmunds Jersey , he said. If not, we will compel them to come to us.

Police say the substance used remained unknown, but it was potent enough to kill Kim before he could even make it to a hospital.

Khalid said the women knew they were handling poisonous materials and were warned to take precautions.

Surveillance video showed both keeping their hands away from their bodies after the attack, he said, then going to rest rooms to wash. Those details are not clear in video obtained by media outlets.

He said the women had practiced the attack at two Kuala Lumpur malls. We strongly believe it is a planned thing and that they have been trained James Conner Jersey , he told reporters.

Khalid couldnt confirm whether North Koreas government was behind Kims death but added, What is clear is that those involved are North Koreans. He also said a heavily armed special police force was deployed to the morgue holding Kims body after police detected an attempt to break into the facility.

The North Korean Embassys statement questioned the fairness of the Malaysian investigation, which it has alleged is based on lies and biased presumptions and has been tainted by South Korean influence. Police have already arrested four people in connection with the attack: a Malaysian, a North Korean and the two women.

At least one of the women has said she was tricked into attacking Kim, believing she was taking part in a comedy prank TV show. While the North Korean statement also raised this possibility JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , saying it could have been done for a joke, Khalid rejected that claim. This is not just like shooting a movie, he said.

One of female suspects, Doan Thi Huong, 28 T. J. Watt Jersey , was posting to a Facebook page under the name Ruby Ruby, according to her niece, Dinh Thi Quyen.

Photos on the page show Huong, who is Vietnamese, wearing a white shirt that appears to say LOL Le'Veon Bell Jersey , like the one seen on security camera video during the attack. It shows her posing for selfies in Kuala Lumpur a few days before the incident and last month in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Her last post was on the morning of February 11, two days before the attack, from an area near the airport.

Police are looking for seven other North Korean suspects in connection with the attack, including the two announced yesterday. The embassy official and the airline employee are among three North Koreans believed to still be at large in Malaysia.

The four others are believed to have fled Kuala Lumpur after the attack. Khalid said authorities believe they are back in North Korea Antonio Brown Jersey , and that they provided the toxin.

Thats why we asked the North Korean Embassy to trace them and hand them over to us, he said, adding that Malaysian authorities had received no help from North Korea.

The case has perplexed toxicologists, who question how the two women could have walked away unscathed after handling a powerful poison.

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